Sou um Multipotencial

Hi, I’m Ricardo Machado, I was born in 1986 and I’m a Multipotential!

A multipotential is a person who has many interests and creative activities in life that change frequently. Unlike specialists, who have only one vocation.

This discovery and acceptance of this super power of mine led me to
work in several countries and in different sectors already: from information technology, restaurants, banking, administration, logistics, tourism and real estate. These experiences made me realize that I love to consume knowledge / learn new skills and hence have become almost a master in adapting to new challenges, cities, cultures and different types of people.

This accumulation of experiences taught me to speak different languages in the professional world and to easily translate and reuse my skills in different areas, which is essential, especially with the constant change in the job market and in the current world.
In everything I get involved in, I use my creativity, logical thinking, planning and organization, always trying to combine this with technology, to make everything more efficient.

Nowadays, in addition to providing the services described on this site, and providing other  IT services , I am also the creator and promoter of an international project that promotes an active lifestyle , which has helped many people to gain motivation to leave the sofa, outdoing themselves often.

Now that you know me, tell me about your project.


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